Existence of God

This hour-long lesson (can be shortened to fit any school requirement) explores the question ‘Does God exist?’

Through discussion, presentation and Q&A, students are encouraged to think about the plausibility of the existence of God, to discuss what God could be like if he existed, and to hear a Christian perspective on why Christians believe in the God of the Bible.

  • Opening song
  • Ice-breaker game
  • Discussion: Does God exist?
  • Talk: Christianity and the ‘Big Bang’ theory
  • Discussion: If God exists who/what is he?
  • Talk: Evidence for God
  • Q&A
  • Final song

Lesson Objectives

  • Explore the plausibility of the existence of God
  • Affirm the origin of the ‘Big Bang’ theory and discuss its compatibility with belief in God
  • Promote discussion around the nature and character of God, if such a being exists
  • Give students an open opportunity to ask questions and present their own views on the subject
  • Encourage participation in activities and discussion